Model SO-2512-SP

Completely autonomous and operated by a single person

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A de-icing truck of exceptional quality

The SO-2512-SP model is ideal for FBOs, airports of all size and airport handlers. Entirely designed and manufactured in Canada, the ease of use of these de-icing trucks makes them perfectly adapted to your de-icing operations, regardless of weather conditions. With an aerial bucket that rotates a full 360-degree and a working height of 41 feet, deicing operations are easy and remarkably efficient.

Designed for these aircrafts and much more

B737, CRJ, Dash-8, A320, Q400, ATR 42, B1900, King Air, PC12 and more.

A product of Cam Concept Inc., a world-renowned manufacturer

The design and manufacturing of the Snowy Owl and Caribou vehicles are entirely carried out by Cam Concept Inc. Engineering, CAD drawing and all manufacturing steps are entirely done in its facilities in St-Raymond, Quebec. The company has more than 40 years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of custom equipment and aircraft de-icing vehicles. This expertise ensures that we are able to build the truck or trailer according to each customer’s specifications and at a reasonable cost. Cam-Concept is a team of passionate people at the service of the industry.


Single Operator
Completely autonomous
Adapted to extreme winter conditions
Ease of use
Aerial bucket operating a full 360 degrees
Working height of up to 41 feet


Single Operator
Completely autonomous
Adapted to extreme winter conditions
Ease of use
Aerial bucket operating a full 360 degrees
Working height of up to 41 feet

Single operator self propelled deicing truck equipped with RHL 37 or RHL 41 ladder that fully rotate 360 degrees. 100% designed and made in Canada by Cam Concept inc. a world-renowned manufacturer of heavy and specialized equipment having sales in over 30 countries.
Specially built for small to medium airports and regional carriers. Automatic reversible controls allow user to steer forward regardless of his position.
Automatic 4X4 mode when ladder is in use. Fifty degrees turning radius, 2 or 4-wheel drive. Differential lock on all 4 wheels.

Liquid tanks

Deicing fluid (type 1) 2500 litres, insulated tank, Visual graduated fluid level indicator on the side of the unit.
Anti-icing fluid (type 3-4) 1200 litres, Visual graduated level indicator on the side of the unit. All stainless-steel ball valves and piping.

Ladder RHL 37 or RHL 41.

Working height of 34 or 38 feet.


Emergency 12v pump located on main hydraulic tank for ladder operation in case of emergency.

Heating systeme (type 1)

The heating system is equipped with two Beckett burners and has two heating modes.
Standby mode designed by Cam-Concept preheats fluid at 120 F without degradation of the de-icing fluid.
Normal mode heats product up to 180°F when a de-icing operation is confirmed.

Deicing system (type 1)

40 gallons/minute centrifugal pump, 100 psi for type 1. Task Force Tips nozzle.

Anti-icing system (type 3-4)

Hardy diaphragm pump, 26 gallons/minute, 140 psi for type 4. Task Force Tips nozzle.


Diesel Hatz engine, 75 hp, Turbo TIER IV, pivot mounted for easy maintenance.

Hydraulic pump

Variable flow and pressure compensated, load sensing option.


Hydraulic Transmission designed by Cam-Concept. Automatic and emergency parking brake when deadman is released.


3 speeds, low (ladder up), regular and high speed (2,5, 8 et 18 km/h).


There are 4 powerful LED lights on the bucket, one on the bucket control panel and one at the rear end of the ladder.

Programmable logic controller (PLC)

Integrated PLC controls the following functions:

Automatic reversible controls designed par Cam-Concept for all truck movements

Heating controls with integrated burner safety features.

Various traction and wheel features:
• 2 or 4-wheel drive selection, high-speed or variable-speed cruising,
• 4-wheel drive differential locking

Smart interface gives user access to various controls and parameters:
• Normal and standby temperature adjustments
• Real-time display of fluid temperature.
• Real-time analysis of sensors and probes from various internal systems,
• WIFI, cellular or cable computer link software interface allows the operator to monitor all systems of the vehicle in operation as well as malfunction codes. The PLC also allows the manufacturer to troubleshoot and analyzes data in real time and if necessary, proceed with repairs remotely.

Control panels

The ground control panel enable user to manage main engine functions, all heating systems, all movements of the ladder and bucket, all pumps, safety and emergency functions and much more.

The bucket control panel enable user to manage main engine functions, heating systems, all movements of the ladder and bucket, all pumps, safety and emergency functions, steering, traction (2X4, 4X4, differential locking) and all systems related to fluid distribution.

The displacement control panel manages the swivel console, the deadman, the joysticks, the steering and the return of the wheels to the centre.

Access panels

Main components and are accessible through multiple, strategically located lateral steel doors for easy operation and maintenance.


A large storage compartment is located in front of the vehicle.


One-year parts and labor.

• Engine block heater 110 volts (HATZ)
• Smart battery charger
• Type 1 external hose with nozzle on automatic reel located in front of the truck for underwing spraying
• Buzzer when truck is in movement
• Self pumping filling system for type 1 and 3-4 fluids,2’’quick attach for type 1 and 1’’1/4 for type 3-4
• Sampling valve for type 1 and 3-4 fluids
• Integrated thermometer display for type 1 and 3-4 fluids in bucket
• Flow meter Fill Rite 1’’ NPT (unit price)
• Cellular communication system to activate the mode standby
• Hydraulic oil heater

• Arctic grade oil (-50C)
• Additional working lights on both sides
• Anti-skid paint on top of truck
• Fire extinguisher
• Stroboscopic lights
• Spare wheel
• 41’ (RH44) ladder
• 15 minutes‘’Instant Heat’’ module
• Bucket protective cover
• Type 1 and 3-4 filing hoses (for the self pumping option)
• VHF communication system
• Safety harness
• Extended 2 year warranty.
• Training • Leasing available

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