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Snowy Owl aircraft de-icing trucks and trailers, a technology to discover

Model SO-2512-SP, an autonomous, single-operator aircraft de-icing truck.

The SO2512SP is built to withstand the harshest winter conditions, it is designed to de-ice a wide range of aircrafts, from a small single-engine aircraft to a much larger aircraft such as the Boeing 737

Snowy Owl Aircraft De-icing SO20-7.5TW Trailers, configured to meet your specific needs

Ergonomics, reliability, performance and simplicity are the main assets of these custom-made trailers. Equipped with inertia brake, Snowy Owl trailers can be towed safely, regardless of the vehicle used.

The new Snowy Owl

A Gooseneck deicing trailer, a world first. This trailer can be hauled by any pickup truck on any road.

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